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In January 2020, painter Zahar Vaks and poet Eden Pearlstein co-curated a multi-medial art show for the Ortega y Gasset Projects gallery in Brooklyn, NY, called In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission, and transformation.

In conjunction with the gallery show, a unique, full-color chapbook/catalogue was produced to poetically reflect on the central themes and questions posed by the curators throughout their process: What is the nature of influx? What does it mean to be in flux? And what do these concepts and processes have to do with our lived experience and creative practice?

The show featured diverse works from 9 different artists in multiple mediums, including painting, collage, poetry, sculpture, music, and video. The book features a selection of images from the show, a curatorial statement by Zahar Vaks, and a series of kabbalo-conceptual-art writings and permutational poems by Eden Pearlstein.

This limited edition first printing is creatively designed by Tom Haviv and Sam Fine.

Artists included in the show: Tannaz Farsi, Yevgeniy Fiks, Fox Hysen, Helina Metaferia, Walter Price, Ralph Pugay, Molly Zuckerman Hartung, Charlie Rauh, Eden Pearlstein.

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