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Chanukat Chalom: Five Dream Meditations for Kislev (Digital)

Chanukat Chalom: Five Dream Meditations for Kislev (Digital)

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Some say that Kislev, the month of Chanukah, is the month of sleep and dreams. Chanukah itself means “rededication,” and offers an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to rest, to sleep, to the dreamworld and the work of deciphering its images.

In the zine Chanukat Chalom: Five Dream Meditations for Kislev, Jill Hammer offers an invitation for this season of winter and solstice: a way to work with dreams in order to “re-sanctify our dreamworld as a sacred space . . . a place we can go to receive insight, wisdom, even initiation.”

In five brief sections, Rabbi Hammer suggests a series of lessons, meditations, and practices that we might use during Chanukah and Kislev to witness our dreams with closer attention, and to bring their lessons into waking life with greater intention.

Chanukat Chalom is a supplement to Jill Hammer’s book Undertorah: An Earth-Based Kabbalah of Dreams.

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