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Hamsa Flag (Standing Together Edition)

Hamsa Flag (Standing Together Edition)

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We are thrilled to announce that The Hamsa Flag Project has partnered with Standing Together for an ongoing fundraiser, in which we are selling prints of a limited edition “Standing Together” Hamsa Flag to raise funds for Standing Together. 

All proceeds of the Limited Edition Standing Together Hamsa Flag will be sent to Standing Together. 

All orders can be made on the Ayin Press website.

On Standing Together:

Standing Together is the largest Jewish-Arab grassroots movement in Israel, organizing Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel toward an end to the occupation, peace, equality, and social justice in Israel-Palestine. Our work has become even more crucial since October 7th, and the coming years will be crucial in our fight toward a just, sustainable future for all. Amid an extremely bloody war and dire humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, we are fighting for a ceasefire agreement to save innocent lives and rehabilitate life in Gaza, and bring back the hostages home safely. We are building the movement within Israeli society calling for an end to the war and the beginning of a new future - a future with a sustainable and just peace.

Building a shared future with freedom, safety, and equality for all Palestinians and Jews is a long and arduous mission. We need your help to keep growing our movement and sustain our resiliency, despite the devastation that has unfolded all around us.

On the Hamsa Flag Project:

The Hamsa Flag Project is designed to create new visual language around peace & shared humanity in Israel|Palestine—envisioning the end of war, beyond borders & nation, rooted in Andalusian/Levantine history.

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