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Indwelling: A Sukkot Zine (Digital)

Indwelling: A Sukkot Zine (Digital)

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Indwelling: An Earth-Based Sukkot Companion
Written by Madison Margolin, Eden Pearlstein, Yosef Rosen, Zelig Golden, Esther Shoshana & Ariel Hendelman
Illustration & Design by Jessica Tamar Deutsch

There are few instances in the Hebrew calendar as explicit as Sukkot that speak to and celebrate our relationship with the natural world. And yet we so often think about the raw materials of the holiday in the abstract, useful only for symbolizing something else. What if we let the Sukkah and Four Species just be what they are: Plants! This beautifully produced zine is meant to serve as a spiritual field guide, exploring the structures and materials of Sukkot through a plant-based lens. Through a series of poetic essays and practical suggestions, the ecological, botanical, architectural, medicinal, and spiritual aspects of the Jewish harvest festival are brought into a holistic focus.

Printed on high-quality paper stock with lush full-color illustrations, Ayin’s Sukkot companion is a wonderful way to “ground” your experience in the Sukkah—and beyond. 

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