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Psychedelic Pesach Zine (Print + Digital)

Psychedelic Pesach Zine (Print + Digital)

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Taste & See: A Psychedelic Pesach Companion
by Madison Margolin, Eden Pearlstein & Ami Silver
Illustration & design by Jessica Tamar Deutsch

This zine is meant to serve as a companion, exploring the seder through a psychedelic lens. Whether you choose to ingest an entheogen to enhance or reinvent Pesach ritual, or you wish to harness the technology of the seder itself to expand your consciousness, the format of the seder functions as a portal, a guided journey through altered states.

By reimagining Jewish practice through psychedelia, we invite you to get creative, to blend collective tradition with personal truth. In this spirit, we have collaborated, crowdsourced, curated, and cowritten this psychedelic Pesach companion. In it, we hope you will find fresh inspiration, useful information, and novel interpretations of ancient stories, rituals, and ideas.

This companion, like all of us, is a work in progress. These are just a few pieces of a much larger multidimensional puzzle that we are assembling and hope to share in the near future. May we all continue gathering the holy broken pieces together as we imagine new realities and new worlds.

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